Marine Tanks

CE 1521 – Our Diesel & Petrol Fuel Tanks are CE Certified and built to ISO 21-487.

Hercules Tanks designs water, waste and fuel tanks for boats of all shapes and sizes worldwide.

We can customise your marine tanks

Hercules Tanks supplied diesel tanks to three of the race yachts.

Camper, Team Telefonica and Abu Dhabi, from a fleet of six vessels. The 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race, Hercules supplied diesel tanks to all seven yachts of the fleet.

Hercules Tanks are the proud suppliers of all water tanks and battery boxes to Profab Central Engineering Ltd of Palmerston North.

"We have your fuel and water tanks in our Rapido 60 Trimaran, built by Triac Composites in Vietnam. The tanks are fantastic, especially as they are custom made to fit the available space. It’s great to have such NZ made quality."

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