Motorhome Tanks

Motorhomes, Caravans, Self-Containment

Hercules Tanks are all custom made to suit all the different styles of:


Do you want to stay off the grid longer? We could always increase the size of your tanks. Self-containment officer on site 5 days a week.


How you would like your plumbing and water to flow. No need for roll aways. Tanks are made from Polypropylene a food grade plastic material which is 100% NZ made and will not taint fresh water.

Horse Trucks

You look after your horse very well, but you also need looking after too. Talk to us about how we can make your truck even more comfortable for all.


Home built or original. Big or small. We can put your vehicle on our hoists in the workshop and find the extra space. Bespoke shaped tanks can definitely increase the capacity.

Ute Trays

Going bush or off road? Plenty of room on the back for extra water. Drop by, we are happy to do a measure up.


Home away from home. Let us make it even more comfortable for you. Extra water may just be the answer you are looking for. You have ideas, we have ideas – chat to us today so we can work together and get the best option for you.

Fully baffled fresh water, grey water and black water tanks

What is a tank made from?

Manufactured from polypropylene – a food grade plastic material which will not taint fresh water and will not allow odour absorption, making it ideal for waste/sewage water tanks.

 Do you want us to fit your tank?

We offer a fitting and plumbing service for all tanks at our premises 13 Wedgewood Street, Katikati.

Can I have it custom made?

Size and shape can be tailored to ensure all the available space is used.  Maximising the available space will allow you to be off grid for longer.

Will the tank fit my vehicle?

If you live nearby or are passing through Katikati, we are happy to put the vehicle up on the hoists to ascertain the best fit possible for your vehicle.

Can my vehicle become self contained?

Yes, Hercules Tanks offers you the opportunity to become self-contained whilst we manufacture and install your tanks.  A one stop shop.   Our self-containment officer is on site every day to carry out renewals of self-containment certificates.  Want to know more about self-containment regulations visit the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association.

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